One should be truly inspired by this article not for the promises of billion dollar outcomes or getting to know short cuts towards becoming a billion dollar company – but the efforts that people take to get to somewhere that they want to be. And knowing exactly what it takes to get there.

The efforts required to be known and accepted by the business community is not measured by media accolades or social media coverage alone; but simply, the types of stakeholders that believe in you so much to be able to put in millions of dollars in your company. And certainly not by the stories that make you feel good about your achievements.

Would you be able to convince someone to put a million dollars of their money to your firm? Or half a million dollars? Would they trust you enough with your stories that they will part that money into your company so that you can grow faster?

That’s a test of business confidence in you.

According to a study by DocSend, investors look at each pitch deck for an average of three minutes and 44 seconds. And companies average 40 investor meetings over three months to close a funding round.

So what do you do when you meet 40 parties over 3 months – in just under 4 minutes?

A. Do you tell your amazing life stories to them?

B. Do you say that you are going to make millions without knowing how?

c. Do you declare how big your small achievements are, instead of focusing on how to enter into new markets and acquire bigger customers?

Will share more on this in my subsequent postings.