Did you know that a RoboAdvisor driven by ARTIFICIAL Intelligence can analyse 200 companies like this in a minute once data is fed into it? 

Using A.I to provide strategic narratives on financial data
Note: Details were given on the spot and crunched/produced. Company is a foreign online travel portal with a record of 5 year financials. 

Excerpts from the system-generated reports:

“In summary, the Company was pursuing an aggressive market share strategy with pure pricing and leverage play in the past 5 years with mixed success. Every dollar of sales they got didn’t translate to profits, battling rising costs and rising competition amidst a crowded market place. 

The RoboAdvisor noted that Management most likely had to go through some internal restructuring as they realised that the business model was not going to be viable in the next 3 years after going thru the past 5 years.

The RoboAdvisor also reckoned that the industry was going through some form of industry rationalisation because of the way the sales, costs, profits, assets and liabilities moved.

It  subsequently suggested around 80 ways for the company to improve its financial position and how to be better than its peers in similar industry via financial benchmarking, specifically in 4 key categories: business performance, risk appetite, shareholder value and productivity levels. 

From funding perspective, The RoboAdvisor noted that the company was generally reliant on short term financing and may face liquidity issues if longer term financing was not obtained, considering the burn rate that it was experiencing. 

So before they can get further equity infusion, RoboAdvisor suggested that the Company needed to tidy up their balance sheets via the 80 ways identified earlier over a 6 to 12-month period.”